Should you hire a web developer?

Should you hire a web developer?

Creating your website has gotten easier than ever with website builders like Wix and Squarespace. You don’t have to learn a single line of code. Does that mean that web developers are getting replaced with website builders? Are they not relevant anymore since everyone can make their own website?

Should you hire a web developer? This may seem like a biased opinion, but today I’ll talk about some of the key points why I believe you should still hire professionals to get your website done.

It’s not just about Publishing Pages

There’s more to web design and development than just publishing pages. There’s UX, SEO, Copywriting, Design and so much more. One person can’t do it all. The advantage of website builders is that once your website is published, you won’t have to hire a developer to take care of your website. You would be able to maintain the website yourself. 

I’m not much of a fan for website builders, but in our industry most of us are using WordPress. With the addition of Gutenberg, I think WordPress is just as good as commercial website builders that are available today. WordPress is a great alternative, or if not, miles better than those commercial website builders.

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is difficult, but as a website owner you need to at least get the hang of it. It’s best to get straight to it from the start. The reason is because SEO process can get more expensive when you hire an expert to work on a published website compared to hiring an expert from the very beginning. Why? Because SEO is related to the way you develop your website, and almost everything about it. If you have designed a really bad website in terms of SEO, just imagine the amount of work that has to be done.

UX (User Experience)

This is not something that you will likely have a problem with website builders. The templates in website builders like Wix are just great enough to tackle this issue, but still you need someone professional to advise you regarding with the layout of your website.

The look and feel of your website plays a huge role especially in the business aspects. There’s a way to design a website to get the highest conversion rate be it an e-commerce website or a landing to get someone to fill in a form.

The ‘Right’ way to Write

I hire a lot of copywriters for many of my projects. Why? Because they know exactly what they are doing. There is a way to write properly and it’s not as easy as it sounds. Never underestimate the power of copywriting. You can lure your potential customers, make them want to subscribe to your services and buy your products.

Avoid hiring copywriters that are charging $5 for 300 words article. 90% of the time, they are not worth it. Copywriting can be very expensive so you need to have a proper plan. You don’t need to hire article writers to write every article on your website. You should hire 

them to write important pages like about us (company profile), your product sales page.

Technical Aspect of Things

In order to make your website run, you need two things. A domain name (, and a web hosting or service like commercial website builders. Some commercial website builders like Wix, they make it easy for you to purchase domain names right at their own website.

Do you know however that, those are not the only things that you should know when it comes to build a website. There’s a whole lot more. Do you know that subscribing to CDN could make your website performs faster? G Suite is so much better than the standard web mail. You can track your website visitors properly with Google Analytics. Those hits, counter stats that you can find from the front-end of your website does not mean anything. Weather widgets on your website is just a waste of space unless if you are a weather company.

There’s just so many things to learn. You don’t have to master all of them, but it’s good to be aware of what is essential for a great, profitable website.

I would consider myself a web developer, and even until today I still hire a lot of amazing talents to help me build my websites. Unless if you happen to know everything from design to development with the addition of copywriting, then maybe you won’t need to hire anybody at all.

So... Should You Hire A Web Developer?

I hope this article would give you some general ideas on making that decision. The advantage of hiring a web developer is so that you get most of the the things covered. Obviously, web developers can’t do everything that I have mentioned in this article, but they know exactly what to do or whom to hire.

If you prefer to make your own website, you should still hire professionals like copywriters to make sure you deliver the right message, photographers to take some amazing photos for your website or graphic designers to create illustrations as well as that fancy favicon.