Change Domain on Google Workspace

Change Domain on Google Workspace

So you’ve started this really cool brand and at one point you realise it isn’t cool anymore. You’ve already registered everything including making it your primary email on Google Workspace (formerly: G Suite). What are you going to do? Well, just change it. Here’s how to do it without bearing additional cost of adding another domain on your G Suite account.

You can change the primary domain for your organization’s Google account. Do this if you no longer want to use your current primary domain, or if you want another domain to be your primary domain. Your users will then sign in and receive email using your new domain name.

Time needed: 10 minutes. Five Easy Steps

  1. Add a Secondary domain and set up MX records

  2. Make the domain your new Primary Domain

  3. Rename Users to the new Primary Domain

  4. Rename Groups to the new Primary Domain

  5. Remove the Original Primary Domain (Optional)
    I would recommend not to actually remove the older domain. Instead hold it for at least 1 year so that if anyone is sending you an email to the old domain, those can still be redirected to the new one.