Fastcomet Review (Good Value if you are on a budget)

I have used FastComet on two of my clients websites and here is what I think about their web hosting services. This is a FastComet review.

FastComet shared hosting plans are cheaper than Siteground while having almost the same features.


I don’t know what the deal is, but it seems like these hosting companies aren’t displaying the right monthly fee(s) for the minimum deal that you could get. Currently on their pricing plan for StartSmart, which is the lowest package, the website says it starts at $2.95. However, that is if you are paying for 3 Years straight. If you are paying annually, which is what most people do for shared hosting, it will become $4.95 per month.

In spite of that, $4.95 per month annually is still cheaper than Siteground. Fastcomet also provides 45-days money-back guarantee. If you are not happy, you are entitled for account cancellation and a full refund.

Scale your way up

Just like Siteground, if you are not sure which package you should get, you may start with the cheapest option and work your way up. Your website will not get suspended if you are using more resources than what you’re paying for, however, it will affect the performance of your website. Fastcomet team will send you a detailed report if you have exceeded your resources and will suggest you to upgrade.

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