The Skyrocat Logo

Finally, we have an updated logo that identifies the heart and soul of Skyrocat.

This new logo was designed by Amirul / Ozzy on 1st June 2021. Check out some of his work on Instagram. Ozy is a graphic designer based in Damansara.

Logo Description

A cat skyrocketing to the moon. In a poetic representation, the cat represents the dreams of the doers.

Exclusive First Look at the Logo

Note that the logo version is D2E, it is still experimental and may change over time. Currently we will be using this logo across some social media profiles and printed materials.

UPDATE Skyrocat Logo July 2021

Skyrocat Logo V1 is the first version of Skyrocat that may be subjected to change. This is not the official logo yet, it could be but we are still working hard on potentially making it even better. We won’t stop until we are truly satisfied.

Here is the second version, we are still not satisfied with it. We’ll see what we can do over the next few updates.

This post will be updated from time to time.

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