We have a simple and user friendly refund policy.

Eligibility (Money-back Guarantee)

If we fail to deliver the services as promised you are eligible to get a refund. Please read the specific product or service page before making a purchase. Understand what you are buying before placing an order.

Here’s why you may not get a Refund

We will assess refund requests on their merits but generally there is no obligation to provide a refund if:

  • You have changed your mind. (You can get a refund before the work is commenced, not after).
  • You lack the technical ability to make the product work (Just contact us and ask, don’t be shy. We do want it to work for you)
  • You can no longer download or access the item because it has been removed from our website (If a plugin or theme has been discontinued, they will be removed. As a WordPress user you should not be using an outdated or unsupported plugin)