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I have tested tons of web hosting services everywhere including those packages that you can find on webmaster forums. I have used SiteGround for more than two years now, and here is why I believe it is the best web hosting on the market.

It is one of the most popular web hosting services that has been endorsed by WordPress. You are probably reading this Siteground review right now because you have already heard about them.

Quick Overview:

  • SiteGround provides a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • They offer 24/7 technical support to the customers.
  • Their servers are fast compared to other shared hosting

SiteGround was founded way back in 2004 based in Bulgaria. SiteGround promotes different hosting types. This includes dedicated VPS and Cloud plans. However the most popular packages that they offer are the Shared Hosting or also promoted as WordPress Hosting services.

How is Siteground Different? (The Technical Specs)

Utilizes Latest Technology for Speed

SiteGround offers fast speed because it makes use of high-performance technologies like free CDN, NGINX, PHP7, and HTTP/2. This service also provides solid state drives on all the hosting plans so that high speed can be achieved without a problem.

Notes on SiteGround CDN

Let’s not be fooled by the offering. They have made it very easy for everyone to integrate CDN through their Cpanel, however do note that they are using the free version of Cloudflare. Yes, the service is already free in the first place. You can get Cloudflare on your website for free even without subscribing to SiteGround.

SSL Certificates Available (Free + Wildcard)

If you think that you can create a website without https support, you would be wrong. It is not optional anymore. You need an SSL certificate just about everything from SEO factors to security factors. With SiteGround you are in luck as they provide an easy way to integrate free SSL, LetsEncrypt, for all of your website. This free SSL supports wildcard domain as well.

Updates for Joomla and WordPress (Auto Update)

They make it very easy for your WordPress sites to get updated. This is of course a free optional feature. If you would like to manually update your WordPress sites for some reasons, you can do that too.

Daily Backup Offered

SiteGround utilizes LXC technology. This web hosting service offers daily backup and automated monitoring as well. This has saved my life once last year when I accidentally made some bad changes to one of my websites.

Address Vulnerabilities Through Firewall Security Rules

This service has about 800 plus WAF rules for fixing vulnerabilities.

Uptime Guarantee Available

SiteGround offers about 99.9% uptime guarantee. You will find this in many Siteground review articles but it is also my honest opinion. I’ve used it for two years, and I believe 99.99% uptime is pretty accurate.

cPanel available

This web hosting service offers cPanel for all its hosting plans.

Fixed Disk Space

This web hosting service makes sure that the users get a fixed amount of disk space. This way the users have a clear idea regarding the space they have to work with.

Advanced Security Available Through Chroot

SiteGround makes sure that the hosting customers are not able to write to another user’s account. This service ensures this by making use of CHROOT.

The Perks

SiteGround has additional perks and features as well. For example, if you are paying more (get the more expensive packages), generally they’ll allocate your website on a server with the least number of accounts. This however is the pretty much the standard practice of any shared hosting services.

You can look forward to generous bandwidth allocations with SiteGround, and they are marked in terms of the number of visitors. This is why it becomes much easier for you to make informed decisions regarding the plan that you should buy.

Additionally, this web hosting service offers free transfer support as well. If you are switching to Siteground, let them know and they’ll be happy to transfer your website over for free!

My Final Verdict (Concluding the Siteground review)

I love everything about Siteground except the pricing. The first year is ridiculously cheap, but as you enter the second year with Siteground, especially with their web hosting package you get to feel that somehow they are ‘overpriced’. Don’t get me wrong, they are fantastic web hosting company and we are still using them up to this date. If it was just 30% cheaper, it would have been perfect and in my opinion, ‘priced just right’.

Note that our Siteground review contains affiliate link. We get some commission if you are purchasing Siteground by using our link from this post.

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