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Speed Optimization Service

Skyrocat offers the best  Speed Optimization Service for every type of WordPress Website Owner.

Better Speed

Get your website speed faster than ever before.

Better SEO

Faster Speed = Better SEO. Show up more on Google.

Better Sales

Users hate slow websites. Improve your conversion rates.

Better Everything

Speed plays a role in almost every aspect of your website.

It's Simple.

Choose a package, and you will get a faster website within a week. One Time payment. No subscription required.


$ 199
One Time
  • Enhanced Core Web Vitals Optimizations
  • Premium Optimizations
  • 90+ Desktop Speed Score
  • 90+ Mobile Speed Score
  • 1 Week Turnaround Time


$ 129
One Time
  • Moderate Core Web Vitals Optimizations
  • Smart Optimizations
  • 90+ Desktop Speed Score
  • Fast Mobile Speed
  • 1 Week Turnaround Time

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Skyrocat makes it easy for anyone to have a blazingly fast website.

Fix Core Web Vitals, CLS, and LCP Issues

We use custom css to optimize css delivery

We use custom scripts to optimize javascript

We use the best of the best plugins available

We optimize your media files

We make embed videos even faster

We spend huge amount of time, just to get the speed right.

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Most Asked Questions

WordPress Caching Plugins and Fast Web Hosting is only half of the story. There are things like Core Web Vitals, Image Optimizations, Custom CSS and more that are needed to give you that huge advantages in terms of speed. Not everything can be fixed with plugins.

Up to one week. Depends on labor and the complexity of your website.

Absolutely. Even if you don’t have any caching plugins, we would install and set everything up for you.

There are plenty. WP Rocket, Perfmatters, as for web hosting we recommend Cloudways, WPEngine, and Siteground.

We will analyze your website and make suggestions based on your setup. 90+ Score on Desktop is pretty straightforward process, but for mobile it depends on your web hosting and if you are willing to follow our suggestions. This includes, turning off custom fonts, optimizing plugins and many more.

If you are not getting results due to extremely bad web hosting or the state of your wordpress website, you will get 100% Refund. We usually analyze your website before executing work, so technically we would have refunded even before commencing the work.

90+ Page Speed Score on both Desktop and Mobile.

99.99% CSAT Score


“Happy with the results”


“Worth the money”


“I can't believe it!”

Not sure where to start?

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Everything that we do...

We don’t want to bombard our page with the list of everything that we offer, but if you must know, here are all the technical terms of everything that we do in order to speed up your website :

Optimize WordPress Website on Existing Hosting, Browser Caching, Page Caching Configuration & Optimization, CSS & Javascript (JS) Optimization, Tuning, Minification & Combining based on your theme, Database Optimization, Cleanup & Scheduled Maintenance Implementation, .HTACCESS Optimization, SQL Server Tuning, 301 Redirect Optimization, Backups, WP Theme Optimization, WordPress Plugin Updates & Patching As Required, Plugin Review & Pruning As Required, Server Compression Tuning As Required, HTTPS Implementation for HTTP2 Protocol Support AND Better SEO (if you’re not already on HTTPS), PHP Upgrade and Optimization, TTFB Optimization where required, 404 Error Analysis & Rectification, Cloudflare CDN Setup (optional but strongly recommended), DNS Record Optimization & Tuning For Speed, Google Tag Manager Optimization, Livechat Lazy Loading Configuration, Image & Video Lazy Loading Configuration (if appropriate for your theme), Advanced Image Compression and Optimization With Support For .Webp Next Generation Image File Format, WordPress General Best Practices Review & Implementation, Advanced Optimization – Page Prefetching & Just In Time Preloading, Advanced Database & Object Caching Implementation *IF Your Hosting Supports Memcached or Redis Memory Caching, Advanced Edge Caching For Lightning Fast Worldwide Load Times & Lower TTFB Using Cloudflare’s APO Service (if supported by the type of site you have), Optional Server or Hosting Migration, Optimization for Google’s Core Web Vitals Metrics, Sitewide Page Weight Testing As the Size Of All Your Pages Matter, Page or Specific Problem Troubleshooting & Rectification Such As Fixing Slow Woocommerce Cart & Checkout Operations or Fixing A Slow WordPress Backend Admin Panel, Rectification Of Intermittent Problems & Edge Case Issues, VPS Server Tuning, Server Log File Analysis, Malware Removal & Hacked Site Repair, Site Speed Consulting For Complex Environments With High Uptime Requirements, Monthly WordPress Maintenance Services, We Can Also Work In Conjunction With Your Existing Development Team To Deploy Changes or Deploy First On Staging (with our consulting service), Optional SEO & SEM Advisory and Consulting Services.