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Gutenberg is the page editor for WordPress version 5.0. Before it became official we had heard about it for months in the WordPress community. In fact it’s been a topic for many WordPress meet ups and Wordcamps all over the world. Many web developers don’t welcome the change and as a result, WordPress users are not keen about using it even if they have never actually used it.


With the release of WordPress 5.0, the new editor we know as Gutenberg was introduced. It is a block-based editing environment in WordPress that has replaced the classic wysiwyg editor. Now it is even easier to write great content by adding Headings, Paragraphs, Quotes, and even embed Youtube videos using content blocks. Gutenberg opens up new possibilities for the future of WordPress.

WordPress is for everyone. Not just developers.

I have strongly encouraged web developers (especially WordPress theme developers) to embrace Gutenberg since before it was made official in WordPress 5.0. I have talked to many web developers, mainly they hate it because of Gutenberg’s limitation. This limitation makes Visual Composer more appealing to work with.

Between the two, I believe Gutenberg is more appealing to WordPress users. It’s very easy to use, and it works almost like they can expect from Wix. I know a lot of developers would say ‘…but Gutenberg is not even a page builder!‘. It really does not matter, because at the end of the day it is what the WordPress users think. To developers, Visual Composer is a page builder, but to the consumers (regular WordPress users), VC can be so confusing and looks nothing like a page builder.

Visual Composer is not user friendly enough. Gutenberg is!

Visual Composer is a popular page builder plugin. I personally don’t like it because it is quite ‘theme specific’. For example, if you are using a theme with visual composer and you are migrating to another theme with visual composer, you will have a difficult time. This is because VC can be different from theme to theme. Unless if both of the themes are using the regular version of VC. Most themes however are using their own version of VC.

User Experience (UX) is more important the Developers Experience

The majority of web developers create websites for their clients. This fact justifies Gutenberg even more. When we pass a completed website to our client, they should be able to login to their WordPress dashboard and do whatever the wish. Gutenberg makes it easier for them to update posts and pages.

We may like everything advanced about WordPress or how it used to look like. Going forward, however, I think WordPress should be made ‘easy to use‘ for everybody. It has been so on the front-end but it has to be so in the back-end as well. Therefore, Gutenberg was an important step for the future of WordPress. I really hope that we all can agree to support it every way we can. From designers, developers to power users, let’s embrace Gutenberg.

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